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Auto Attendant

Unlimited AAs with a visual builder

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Web Portal

Easy to use web portal will make managing your service a breeze.

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US-Based Support

You can expect to speak with a staff member based in the US

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Hunt Groups

Route calls to a group of users or even their cell phones

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Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages right in your inbox. Play them from any device

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Call Recording

Record calls on-demand, always or never

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Securely and reliably transmit documents from anywhere.

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Call Reporting

Filter by number, direction of call and disposition

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It's Future Proof

Our phone system for small business uses internet to enable phone call connections. Using VoIP technology, CloudComm services can be used on any smart device, IP phone and even traditional phones through CloudComm’s VoIP adaptor.

CloudComm offers flexibility and mobility that you simply can’t find with traditional landline phones. You and your employees have access to all of the features you enjoy – calls, voicemails, messages and more – but at a fraction of the the cost.


  • Reliable Quality
  • Use your equipment
  • Easy Installation
  • Extremely Customizable
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Connecting has never been easier.

CloudComm provides Cloud-Based Telephone Services, Business Phone Systems, VoIP Phones and Hosted PBX’s to Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.  As a VoIP SIP Service Provider, CloudComm  reviews customer ROI to determine a client’s current voice / data operating costs, service configurations and requirements. Then we prepare a plan that will reduce costs, improve all services by removing old technology while upgrading to new and improved cost efficient technology and phones.

  • Voice & Video quality and stability
  • Travel with all your CloudComm devices
  • Port your existing phone number
  • Never pay for Fax lines again
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Future Proof Communications

Free Software Upgrades and New Features

We give you free software upgrades and new features so that your unified communications solution is always state-of-the-art. As your business grows, CloudComm grows with you.

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Tools to Succeed

Web-based Management and more.

CloudComm provides a modern feature set with web-based administration panels to add users or make system changes on the fly from anywhere. There’s no need to be a telecom expert.

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